True office productivity: Emacs remote collaboration (CRDT).

To create documents, presentations, spreadsheets and the like, nothing beats Emacs with two or more users collaborating simultaneous in the same buffer.

Org-Mode piechart in a hurry (3D!)

I needed a pie chart, and had very little time. R and Org-mode to the rescue.

Modules=DEP; a remedy for update-initramfs' "No space left on device"

The fix? Add MODULES=dep to /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/modules, followed up by update-initramfs.

Very first steps with Nix on Debian

Mixing Debian with Nix, my first steps.

Partial solar eclipse

To catch the partial solar eclipse at noon today, a colleague at work reminded me to use a skimmer (a spoon with lots of tiny holes), to project the sun on a clean surface, for example good quality paper.

GNU Social and ActivityPub on Bullseye or Buster

How to install GNU Social and ActivityPub on Debian 10 or 11.

The Great Conjunction

On the top left: Jupiter with at least four moons - one on the left, and three on the right.