Updated First Steps With Nix on Debian

Mixing Debian with Nix in 2023 (updated from 2021)

Why Nix?

Mainly because $some_package is not (yet) available in Debian.



to install, do, as root:

apt install nix nix-setup-systemd

to allow the regular system users to use nix, add them to the nix-users group:

adduser $your_user_name_here nix-users

then, as user, you can install nix packages. in this example, i install "typst".

nix shell nixpkgs#typst


if you get errors like:

nix-daemon.socket: failed to open /etc/systemd/system/nix-daemon.socket: no such file or directory

then you have bits and pieces of an earlier nix version lingering around.

And while you're cleaning that, you can also, remove ~/.nix-profile ~/.nix-defexpr .nix-channels files. You can even remove /nix

If you have

nix-daemon.socket: socket service nix-daemon.service already active, refusing.

Then you forgot:

adduser $your_user_name_here nix-users

logout of your X session, and start again, or reboot.