Blog - Gopher - Elpher

Copies of my blog posts are available as Gopher posts. Here is how.


Because it is simple.

Apart from the text itself, Gopher comes with is very little distraction. If only all professional systems could be like that.

Thanks, Matto, for the encouragement.

Install Gophernicus

For serving gopher, we use Gophernicus. It's available on Debian, so installing it is, like:

  apt install gophernicus


The Debian packagers explain they expect gopher files to be in /srv/gopher. That needs to be created.

  mkdir /srv/gopher/

Add content

Put some basic content, such as the sample gophermap.

  cp /usr/share/doc/gophernicus/examples/gophermap.sample /srv/gopher/gophermap

Then, spend a weekend writing Emacs Lisp utilities to export and re-format all Org-mode blogs to Ascii.


The biggest challenge are image links and hyperlinks.

You need to turn text like this:

Here is some text with a hyperlink [Example 123456].

into a footnote, in two steps:

Here is some text with a hyperlink Example 123456[1].

With, at the end of the ASCII export text, replacing this:

[Example 123456]



Use Elpher

Emacs has a Gopher client, Elpher, which you can install from Elpa/Melpa easily:

  M-x package-install RET elpher RET

and run it:

  M-x elpher

use 'g' to visit your new gopher site: