Note-to-Self: Org Tree Slide Mode, and Whiteroom Mode

A short blog to remind myself to combine Org-Tree-Slide and Writeroom-Mode, the next time I do a presentation.

The inspiring talk by Marcus Birkenkrahe at the 2023 Emacsconf reminded me to practice Org Tree Slide in combination with Writeroom-Mode.

Create an org-file for your presentation. Org-Tree-Slide supports a few handy headers, including the title.

 #+TITLE: Presentation title goes here
 #+author: Firstname Lastname

When your org-file is ready for presenting:

 M-x org-tree-slide-mode
 M-x writeroom-mode

Copying from the Readme, these are the control functions:

 M-x org-tree-slide-move-next-tree (C->)
 M-x org-tree-slide-move-previous-tree (C-<)
 M-x org-tree-slide-content (C-x s c)

And choose one of the three default profiles:

 M-x org-tree-slide-simple-profile

(or M-x org-tree-slide-presentation-profile, or M-x org-tree-slide-narrowing-control-profile).

At this point,

 M-x writeroom-mode
 M-x menu-bar-mode

and perhaps

 M-x test-scale-adjust

and you are done.

a screenshot of a back org-mode slide, with the (white) text showing the first paragraph of the help text for text-scale-adjust.
screenshot of a sample slide