Znc and Rcirc and Authinfo.pgp

The password needs to be in quotes.

I followed Matto's advice on gopher "Chatting with Emacs rcirc and ZNC" to combine rcirc and znc.

rcirc comes with support for auth-sources, but it took me a while to figure out my mistake in authinfo.gpg.

With the help of folks on #rcirc … I found the znc password needs to be in quotes, like this:

 machine <server> :user <user> :port <port> password "nick/channel:supersecretpass"

And then you configure rcirc, pointing it to your znc server like this.

(setq rcirc-server-alist '(("<server>"
                            :port <port>
                            :encryption tls
                            :nick "<user>"
                            :full-name "<User Name")))

You can get details on this by turning on:

(setq auth-source-debug t)

Warning: the debug messages will go to the Message buffer, showing authentication data in the clear - except for the password.

You can also use

  (auth-source-search :host "<server>")

to check if there is a matching line.